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April 12, 2024

Tonik’s ‘Luv Stash’: A revolutionary joint savings venture

Tonik Digital Bank has introduced a pioneering savings product dubbed “Luv Stash,” offering an enticing interest rate of 4.5%.

Released in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Luv Stash aims to promote financial solidarity among couples, providing an alternative to conventional joint accounts.

Through the Tonik app, patrons can set savings goals and invite their significant other to join. To qualify for the 4.5% interest rate, both parties must contribute a minimum of P14 to their ‘Luv Stash’ during the promotional period, running from February 1st to February 29th, 2024.

The system is user-friendly and customizable, enabling users to personalize their ‘Luv Stash’ with images representing their savings goals or specifying target amounts, all under the collective banner of ‘Luv Stash.’

In addition to ‘Luv Stash,’ Tonik Digital Bank has introduced the ‘Group Stash’ feature, catering to groups of three or more individuals pooling resources for common objectives such as travel, bill payments, or family support.