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November 28, 2023

TerraPay and Maya collaborate to enhance cross-border transactions and accessibility

UK-based TerraPay has joined forces with Maya to broaden its global network and facilitate cross-border transactions, aiming to provide Filipinos worldwide with more accessible and secure international remittance options.

The collaboration allows users of the Maya app to experience streamlined money transfers from various regions through TerraPay’s extensive global network, promoting faster transfer times, competitive exchange rates, and affordable borderless payment choices.

TerraPay’s Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Ani Sane, expressed the partnership’s commitment to driving financial inclusion in the Philippines, while Maya’s Chief Operating Officer, Khurram Malik, highlighted the increased accessibility and convenience for Filipinos managing cross-border payments.

TerraPay operates as a global cross-border payments network regulated in 29 markets, facilitating payments in over 120 recipient countries and over 210 sender countries.

Maya, powered by Maya Philippines, Inc., and Maya Bank, Inc., serves as a digital payments and lending entity, with Maya Bank being owned by Voyager Innovations, Inc.