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June 23, 2024

Tala Philippines expands efforts to enhance financial products and e-wallet features

Tala Philippines, in its pursuit of broader user engagement, is gearing up to refine its financial products and introduce fresh attributes to its Tala Wallet application.

Bankero Iona Iñigo-Mayo, the Global Customer Experience Operations representative at Tala Philippines, emphasized the need for transformation in customer interaction strategies, loan products, and wallet utilization.

She underlined a special emphasis on serving the underbanked segment. The Tala Wallet, a collaborative venture with Union Bank of the Philippines, was introduced earlier this year in April.

Meanwhile, Tala Product Senior Vice-President, Bankero Nick Norcross has set a target to achieve one million users before the year concludes.

The company is strategizing to incorporate retention and rewards programs for borrowers using the Tala Wallet, alongside a potential reduction in application fees.

Additionally, Tala Philippines is considering the introduction of installment options and extended loan tenures to better accommodate users’ needs.

Tala Philippines is slated to unveil improvements to its digital wallet offerings in the coming weeks.