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July 13, 2024

Stay safe: BSP warns public against scammers posing as officials

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has cautioned the public to stay vigilant against individuals and entities falsely portraying themselves as BSP officers, employees, offices, or units.

These entities deceitfully use BSP officers’ names or signatures, as well as the BSP’s name and logo, in their letters, emails, messages, websites, or social media accounts to gather information for scams and other fraudulent activities.

To protect against these illegal schemes, the BSP is urging the public to avoid disclosing personal or financial account information to these individuals and refrain from sending money to unverified or suspicious sources.

Misrepresenting the BSP, its officers, or units is punishable by law.

The public is encouraged to verify the authenticity of messages from supposed BSP representatives and report suspicious individuals and entities using the following contact details: (+632) 8811-1277 or 8811-1BSP or bspmail@bsp.gov.ph