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June 19, 2024

Skyway system now allows buses, closed vans on its facilities

Previously prohibited from accessing the elevated highway system, public utility buses and closed vans may now use all three facilities of the Skyway system beginning April 1.

San Miguel Corp. (SMC) subsidiary Skyway O&M Corp. (SOMCO) announced this development on Monday as all major construction work at the facilities have completed.

This means buses and so-called closed vans not exceeding 7 feet in height may now traverse the elevated system comprising Skyway 1, 2 and 3.

Previously, these vehicles were temporarily restricted from using the Skyway for safety reasons, as construction of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) elevated extension in Muntinlupa, necessitated the use of a temporary steel access ramp at the Alabang viaduct.

The steel ramp, which was in use for around two years, was only intended for light vehicles.

With the lifting of the restriction, buses can now enter and pass through the Skyway elevated sections spanning Alabang to Bicutan (Stage 2), Bicutan to Buendia (Stage 1), and Buendia to Balintawak (Stage 3).

They can also access the new SLEX elevated extension, and NAIA Expressway.

“This is an option for commuters as well as public transport services, who would like to have a faster, more direct, or even point-to-point access to their destinations. This will also help to further decongest our public roads, given that we are now back to pre-pandemic levels of traffic,” said SMC president Ramon S. Ang.

The 60-kilometer-per-hour speed limit is strictly observed in the system and dedicated lanes for lighter vehicles under Class 2 have been provided to avoid long queue in the following toll plazas:

Quezon Avenue NB/SB

Main Plaza Sucat area

Quirino NB/SB exit

Dr. A. Santos

Dona Soledad

Buendia NB/SB

Del Monte NB/SB

G. Araneta entry

Nagtahan NB/SB


Management clarified that modified 4- or 6-wheelers and closed delivery vans are still not allowed access to the system.

Only vehicles with sufficient Autosweep RFID balances are allowe entry and those with insufficient balances are advised to take the at-grade lanes.