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April 12, 2024

Security Bank and Helios team up to offer pioneering solar mortgage program

Security Bank Corp., in collaboration with Helios Energy Inc., has introduced a solar mortgage program, integrating solar panel installation into housing loans.

This partnership aims to alleviate the financial burden of high utility expenses for homeowners.

The partnership facilitates various financing avenues, including referral arrangements directing clients to Security Bank for solar-inclusive home loans, utilizing home equity for solar panel acquisition, and offering solar mortgages through a “top-up program,” according to Security Bank SVP and Secured Lending Division head Paz Victoria R. Gonzalez .

This financial product integrates solar panel purchases into both new and existing housing loans provided by the bank.

By incorporating solar energy into housing loans, the initiative enhances accessibility and provides a cost-effective way to switch to renewable energy. Helios’ commitment to quality and reliability in solar panel installations ensures longevity and efficiency, supported by a 25-year warranty and proactive maintenance services.

Founder and CEO of Helios, Hsin Yao Cheng, emphasized the transformative impact of solar mortgages, enabling homeowners to generate passive income and contribute to environmental sustainability with zero downpayment.