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April 12, 2024

Secure and grow your wealth in dollars with Manulife’s newest fund

Manulife Investment Management and Trust Corporation has rolled out its newest investment offering, the Manulife Global Money Market Feeder Fund.

As part of the unit investment trust fund (UITF) category, this fund is designed to pursue competitive returns in US dollars while prioritizing the safeguarding of investor capital.

This innovative fund opens doors for investors to a carefully selected array of premium, short-duration global financial assets.These are primarily money market securities that are either in US dollars or are protected against fluctuations in the US dollar, maintaining an average portfolio maturity of up to 90 days. Investment entry is set at a minimum of $100.

Aira Gaspar, the president and CEO of Manulife IMPhilippines, highlighted the stability of money market securities through changing interest rate scenarios, underscoring their effectiveness in buffering against market swings.

“The Manulife Global Money Market Feeder Fund seeks to deliver steady returns that can help enhance the performance of one’s investment portfolio,” she said.

Manulife facilitates easy access for prospective investors through its Manulife iFUNDS platform. This digital investment management platform enables users to effortlessly set up a UITF account and manage their investments with confidence, as noted by the firm.