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March 05, 2024

Rural Bank partners with ePLDT for online banking security

Ilocano rural bank Rang-Ay Bank has enlisted the expertise of ePLDT, the information, communication, and technology (ICT) arm of PLDT Enterprise, to bolster the security of its online and mobile banking services.

A longstanding user of PLDT’s networks since 2009, Rang-Ay Bank has become the pioneer among PLDT Enterprise partners to integrate the Vulnerability Management as-a-Service (VMaaS) system into its operations. The VMaaS system is deployed across the bank’s mobile application, database, mobile banking servers, banking system, and payment hub server.

As the bank endeavors to expand its reach in the Ilocos region, targeting a broader customer base in the provinces, the implementation of VMaaS is aimed at fortifying the security of its services.

Ives Nisce, Chairman of Rang-Ay Bank, emphasized that the partnership equips the bank with the “tools and intelligence required to detect vulnerabilities in real-time, analyze them comprehensively, and mitigate them swiftly.” Nisce expressed confidence in PLDT Enterprise and ePLDT, envisioning an enhancement in the approach of rural financial institutions to cybersecurity and technological resilience.

In response to the evolving digital landscape and increasing cyber threats, Nisce asserted, “Now, more than ever, we need to have a more holistic cybersecurity because the world is growing more and more digitally interconnected, and the advancement of technology means equally advanced threats. This partnership is a testament to our commitment against the rising tide of cyber risks.”

Mitch Locsin, PLDT and Smart First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Business Groups, highlighted the significance of VMaaS, stating that it “allows us to empower our partners with secure and reliable solutions to help them propel their business visions.”

Expressing excitement about the ongoing collaboration with Rang-Ay Bank, Locsin affirmed PLDT’s commitment to supporting the bank’s mission of providing accessible and globally competitive services in the North, primarily in Ilocos.

“As you continue to grow and improve your services to your customers in the North, we look forward to working closely with you in your journey,” he added.