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July 14, 2024

PNB launches CashNet Plus mobile app to enhance customer experience

Philippine National Bank led by bankero Wick Veloso is further leveling up its digital banking offering via the roll out of the PNB CashNet Plus mobile application for corporate clients.

Veloso said the new product further enhances the customer’s experience.

“We are harnessing the power of technology to improve our engagement with customers. Our goal is to help them run their business more efficiently with the view of making them more competitive over the longer term,” the bankero said.

The bankero added PNB’s cash management system is designed to help companies manage their funding needs, cashflow, and budgets better.

“The PNB CashNet Plus mobile app is about arming our customers with the tools to better manage their business,” Veloso said.

The mobile app is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

PNB aims to encourage corporate customers to substitute bank visits with non-stop online service.

“Even as the government has eased up the alert levels, we believe that we should continue to offer digital banking solutions that will not only keep our customers safe but also help them focus on recovery efforts,” the bankero said.

Companies can use this mobile banking service by simply enrolling to the app. Clients have the option to log in via biometrics for added security and convenience in accessing their company accounts.

PNB executive vice president and institutional banking head Jun Audencial said the PNB CashNet Plus mobile app gives clients that much-needed sense of security and convenience so they can have more time to focus on other important matters such as growing their business and developing their people.

“Clients can now access their accounts and perform transactions at the palm of their hands – anytime, anywhere,” Audencial said.

Users of PNB CashNet Plus will be able to view their company’s account balance and transaction history, and transfer funds within their own accounts or other third-party PNB accounts including other payment solutions such as InstaPay and PESONet.

Clients can also authorize payroll and check disbursements, supplier payment instructions, tax payments, bills payment, as well as checkbook and stop payment order requests.