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July 21, 2024

Netbank unveils tailored savings accounts with raffle-based rewards

Netbank (A Rural Bank) (Netbank) has introduced specialized savings accounts in collaboration with select Filipino Facebook Groups, tailoring features to meet the unique preferences of each community.

Notable among these features is the introduction of raffle-based savings, enabling members to save while earning chances to win prizes, enhancing the overall savings experience.

By partnering with groups like Digital Banks Ph and Tipid Hacks Philippines, Netbank aims to offer its services directly to community members with shared interests and objectives.

The savings accounts can be opened through Netbank’s banking app in around 10 minutes, providing access to various banking services, including Instapay payments, bill payments, and transaction information.

Bankero YP Raneses, Head of Mobile Banking and Networks at Netbank, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Facebook Groups to provide partnership-based savings accounts that align with the unique needs of specific communities, emphasizing Netbank’s commitment to delivering accessible and innovative banking solutions.