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March 05, 2024

Netbank and Sprout Solutions unveil instacash: A revolutionary salary advance service

Netbank and Sprout Solutions have forged a strategic partnership to introduce a groundbreaking salary advance service named Instacash.

Through the integration of Sprout’s HR and payroll software with NetBank’s platform, this collaboration aims to revolutionize the employee benefits landscape, addressing inefficiencies in traditional salary advance procedures.
Netbank, operating with a full banking license, intends to offer a white-label solution to support the growth and cost management of Filipino fintechs.

Gus Poston, Chairman of Netbank, expressed excitement about leveraging technology to enhance financial well-being.

Both organizations are dedicated to providing equitable and accessible financial solutions, focusing on a streamlined online salary advance process for enhanced efficiency and user experience.

Patrick Gentry, CEO of Sprout Solutions, emphasized the collaboration’s innovation, introducing Instacash as a user-friendly and affordable salary advance service.

Netbank looks forward to continued collaborations with fintech partners, aiming to expand access to banking services and streamline payment management.