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March 05, 2024

Maya and Grab Philippines forge partnership for seamless cross-app transactions

Maya and Grab Philippines, the multiservice transport platform, have formed a partnership to facilitate seamless cross-app transactions.

Maya users can link their accounts to Grab using their mobile number, enabling fee-free direct transactions.

Grab expresses its dedication to promoting widespread adoption of cashless transactions in the Philippines, aiming for accessible, scalable, and secure financial experiences.

Martha Borja, Grab Financial Group Philippines Country Head, emphasizes their commitment to transforming the financial landscape.

Meanwhile, Maya Group President Shailesh Baidwan sees the alliance as an opportunity to extend comprehensive financial services to more Filipinos, fostering a progressive financial ecosystem.

Maya users can earn up to a 14 percent daily interest rate on Maya Savings through Grab transactions, and a holiday promo offers cashback in Grab for payments made via Maya until December.

The collaboration ensures Maya cards can connect to the Grab app, guaranteeing secure transfers between Maya and Grab wallets.

Both companies prioritize the safety and security of their systems, continually developing technological and service solutions not only in the Philippines but across Southeast Asia.