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July 13, 2024

Maxicare hit by cyber attack, data of over 1,000 companies at risk

The hacking incident targeting a third-party service provider for Maxicare Healthcare Philippines on June 13 has exposed data from over 1,000 companies.

Maxicare notified the National Privacy Commission of the breach on June 16.

The health maintenance organization, which counts major firms such as Google Operations Center, Nestle Philippines, and Sun Life of Canada among its clients, said that the attack compromised 33.3 megabytes of data, containing over 22,800 lines of sensitive information.

Cybersecurity advocacy group Deep Web Konek reported that this data is allegedly being sold to the first three buyers.

Maxicare informed affected individuals that the breach occurred through its service provider, Lab@Home, and emphasized that the two companies’ systems are not integrated and maintain separate databases.

“Nonetheless, as a champion of your privacy rights, Maxicare is making this notification to inform you of the incident and to minimize any further risk on your part,” the company said.

Maxicare added that it is investigating the scope and extent of the breach.