March 21, 2023

Manulife unveils single-pay variable life insurance plan

Manulife announced a single-pay variable life insurance plan which enables customers to invest in a variety of funds that fit personal preferences and objectives.

In a statement on Thursday, Feb. 9, Manulife Philippines president and chief executive officer Rahul Hora announced the firm’s new product called WealthOne, which provides customers with flexible life insurance coverage.

According to Hora, WealthOne’s life insurance coverage can go up to 500 percent of their single premium, and a guaranteed start-up bonus equal to 1.5 percent.

In addition, customers can add protection benefits and choose from various local and global investment funds to diversify and expand their earning potential, Hora said.

The product is also available for Manulife China Bank Life (MCBL) customers and is designed for long-term investors, including successful professionals seeking to increase their wealth through a diverse portfolio of assets.

WealthOne is also a good fit for people with high net worth who have acquired assets and are interested in estate planning, as well as company owners seeking practical solutions to secure business continuity.

“WealthOne aims to match Filipinos’ protection needs while helping them grow their money so they can achieve their financial aspirations,” Neil Bowyer, MCBL president and CEO said.