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June 19, 2024

Local fund generates 21 percent return in 2021

The ATR Asset Management’s (ATRAM) Sustainable Development and Growth Fund (SDGF) on Thursday reported investment earnings that surpassed the performance of even the Philippine Stock Exchange index or PSEi.

Only a year old, the SDGF reported returns averaging 21 percent in 2021 or more than that of the PSEi by more than 18 percent.

Analysts have calculated that if one bought P5,000 worth of stocks every month at the PSE in 2021 and sold them just before the close of the trading year, one would have earned returns of only 15.9 percent.

“We are very proud that our sustainability investment strategy’s first anniversary returns are validating our belief that sustainability investing is the future of fundamental investing. To provide long-term returns to investors, we invested in companies that we view are ahead in integrating sustainability in their corporate strategy and operations. With the SDG Fund as one of our top-ranking funds in 2021, we feel confident in using our sustainability research in selecting the best-performing stocks in the long-term,” ATRAM chief investment officer Philip Hegedorn said.

ATRAM is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas which gave it a license in 2016 and the first in the country to launch so-called feeder funds that allow Filipinos to invest in overseas funds.

It reported assets under management of some P170 billion as at end-2021.