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April 12, 2024

LandBank introduces time deposit supporting social, sustainable projects

State-owned Land Bank of the Philippines is introducing a new sustainable time deposit product designed to support social and environmental initiatives while offering customers a secure avenue for financial returns.

The LandBank GreenGrowth Deposit offers tiered interest rates of up to 4.25% per annum and is available to both individuals and private institutions. Deposited funds will contribute to LandBank’s sustainable financing efforts, focusing on renewable energy projects, green technologies, and other eco-friendly initiatives, as well as community-centric programs aimed at enhancing social welfare.

“The LandBank GreenGrowth Deposit reflects our dedication to creating a greener and more sustainable future, while encouraging customers to be part of this transformative journey. Open an account now where each peso deposited contributes to creating ripples of meaningful change,” said LandBank president and CEO Lynette V. Ortiz.

The time deposit product features a fixed one-year term, with a minimum placement of P50,000 offering a 2.25% interest rate per annum. Customers can enjoy higher returns of up to 4.25% interest rate for deposits amounting to P5 million and above.

Interested customers may open a LandBank GreenGrowth Deposit account online via the LandBank Digital Onboarding System (DOBS) and visit any of the 607 branches and branch-lite units nationwide to complete the account setup.

LandBank, the largest development financial institution in the country, is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion, digital transformation, and sustainable development to benefit Filipinos. It is committed to sustainable finance towards building a stronger and more resilient economy.


Land Bank of the Philippines introduces the LandBank GreenGrowth Deposit, a sustainable time deposit product supporting social and environmental initiatives while offering tiered interest rates up to 4.25% per annum.