March 21, 2023

GoTyme partners with Mambu, an “obvious choice”

Filipino digital bank GoTyme Bank partners with cloud banking platform Mambu, with new products and services to be released in the coming months.

Singapore-based Tyme Group has had a long-standing relationship with Mambu which powered South Africa’s TymeBank to transition into a fully-fledged digital bank.

Similarly, GoTyme needs to be “born in the cloud” to have the capacity to effectively scale and Mambu’s platform was the “obvious choice” for the bank, said Nate Clarke, GoTyme’s President and CEO.

He also added that GoTyme understands the Mambu platform’s capabilities and that they have the confidence that the partnership would enable them to ‘lift and shift’ the TymeBank digital bank concept from South Africa to the Philippines. Clarke said that while the two markets are very similar in some ways, they exist in very different regulatory landscapes.

Similar to its South African predecessor, GoTyme offers digital banking services thru setting up kiosks in Robinsons’ retail outlets under the Gokongwei Group.

GoTyme Bank targets to have 348 kiosks operating across the country by the end of 2023.