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June 23, 2024

GoTyme Bank signs partnership to combat digital scams in the Philippines

GoTyme Bank, serving over two million Filipinos, collaborated with Gogolook, the creators of anti-fraud app Whoscall, to address the rising threat of digital scams in the Philippines and equip Filipinos with tools and knowledge for secure digital interactions.

Whoscall, with a database of 2.6 billion phone numbers and URLs, becomes accessible to GoTyme’s two million subscribers. This empowers users to identify and avoid suspicious calls and messages, safeguarding personal information and financial assets.

Beyond Whoscall, joint efforts include promoting cyber hygiene and awareness through data exchange, technology utilization, and educational campaigns. This collaboration signifies a crucial step in creating a Scam-Free Philippines, with GoTyme Bank and Gogolook leading the charge in digital security for Filipinos.