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October 01, 2023

GoTyme Bank brings preferred banking experience to all Filipinos

In a recent interview, Bankero and GoTyme Bank’s President and CEO Nate Clarke discusses the unique phygital model of the bank.

GoTyme’s “phygital” model aims to provide a human-led customer experience and deliver better banking options and products to every Filipino, challenging the notion that preferred banking is only accessible to the top 5% of the country, according to Clarke.

He also highlighted the traditional challenges faced by average Filipinos in opening bank accounts with incumbent banks.

Clarke also emphasized GoTyme Bank’s mission to offer low fees, high interest rates, and rewards to all customers, regardless of their account size.

Meta: GoTyme Bank aims to provide a preferred banking experience to all Filipinos by offering low fees, high interest rates, and rewards, according to CEO Nate Clarke.

What is preferred banking – and why is it enjoyed by only the top 5% in the country? 🏦

Our President and CEO Nate Clarke opens the conversation on ANC’s Market Edge this morning.

During the interview, he explains how GoTyme Bank’s unique phygital model enables a human-led customer experience that brings better banking options and products to every Filipino.

“If you’re an average Filipino and you want to open a bank account with one of the incumbents, you walk into a branch, spend hours, and you might probably need to come back a couple of weeks later and get that debit card. You’ll get charged high fees, have low interest rates, and no rewards.

If you’re going to bring PHP 1-5 million to that banking relationship today, you are a preferred client. Someone’s going to fill out the form for you. It’s going to happen quickly. You get waived or very low fees, and you enjoy high interest rates and rewards.”

“What we’re doing at GoTyme Bank is delivering that preferred banking experience to everyone.”



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