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April 12, 2024

GCash spotlights enhanced security protocols at UK Cybersecurity Symposium

At a recent cybersecurity symposium hosted by the British Embassy Manila at the New World Hotel Makati, GCash, the leading finance super app, emphasized the paramount importance of cybersecurity amid the rapidly evolving digital financial landscape in the Philippines.

Migs Geronilla, GCash’s chief information and security officer, highlighted the urgent need for financial institutions to address the escalating frequency and sophistication of cyber threats.

Themed “Guardians of the Digital Realm,” the symposium brought together industry leaders from the Philippines and the United Kingdom, including representatives from the British Standards Institution (BSI), Aboitiz Group, PLDT Group, Smart Communications, RCBC Group, Cybercrime Investigation Coordinating Center (CICC), and Metro Pacific Health. Together, they delved into strategies to bolster digital defenses and promote collaboration in cybersecurity.

During panel discussions focusing on “Addressing the Growing Concern of Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure,” Geronilla and other experts deliberated on leveraging technology to enhance regulatory compliance and elevate customer security in cyberspace, particularly within the fintech sector.

GCash reiterated its steadfast commitment to cybersecurity best practices, prioritizing trust and security in its digital financial services.

Geronilla highlighted ongoing efforts to innovate and streamline processes for risk identification and mitigation, ensuring compliance, safety, and security on the platform.

In 2023, GCash introduced “DoubleSafe,” a two-factor authentication security feature, enhancing account protection by validating users’ identities through mobile PINs and Face ID technology, thereby fortifying account security against threats like account takeovers.

Additionally, GCash intensified its #GSafeTayo campaign, aimed at educating the public about safeguarding digital accounts from scams and fraud.

The e-wallet’s active participation in the cybersecurity event underscores its commitment to nurturing a secure and resilient digital environment through advanced knowledge and tools.