March 21, 2023

‘GCash Overseas’ now in beta testing

Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. (GFII), the operator of GCASH app, has launched a beta version of its electronic wallet aimed at overseas Filipinos (OFs) without a subscriber identity module (SIM) registered in the Philippines.

The beta version initially targets 1,000 users from Japan, Australia, and Italy who can access GCash using an international SIM card.

Once fully verified, Filipinos abroad can sign up for GCash regardless of their SIM card.

According to GFII President Martha Sazon, the company aims to target the 10 million Filipinos living abroad “even as they use international SIMs.”

GFII also announced its partnership with Hangzhou-based Ant Group to expand internationally, as Alipay’s digital platform enables users to pay select merchants in various countries.

In 2017, Alipay Singapore Holding Pte. Ltd. acquired shares in GFII with the Philippine Competition Commission’s approval.

The beta version of the app, called “GCash Overseas,” is temporary, with the full launch expected later this year, GFII said.