March 21, 2023

FWD introduces customizable product

On Tuesday, FWD Life Insurance Corp. (FWD Life Philippines) on Tuesday launched “FWD The One”, a customizable life insurance plan aiming to meet the lifestyle and financial needs of Filipinos.

The plan will be available with premiums starting at P330. Filipinos 18 to 70 years old and who have been legally residing in the country for at least 6 months can avail the product.

During the product’s launch, FWD Life Philippines Chief Marketing and Digital Business Officer Roche Vandenberghe said, “There’s a reason we wanted to do that because for every generation, we wanted to have The One for them… We wanted to cater to everyone because it has to be customizable. It has to be personalized,”

Vandenberghe also added that the Gen Zers are living differently compared to previous generations and that there no longer is a “one size fit all model for addressing people’s financial needs across their lifetimes.”

The insurer is also aware that “older generations need access to coverage that meets their specific needs,” Vandenberghe said.

In addition, FWD The One is designed to be digitally accessible, affordable, and customizable, the insurer added.

The product is available in four plan types offering death benefits, on its own or combined with either accident or critical illness benefits. There is also a plan covering all three.