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April 12, 2024

From chicken wings to zen desk: Eugene Acevedo’s stress busters

During tumultuous days, Eugene Acevedo, the CEO of Yuchengco-led Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. relies on a well-established routine to seek solace and uphold productivity.

“When I have a bad day, my secretary asks if I want garlic parmesan chicken wings from Yellow Cab. The answer is often a ‘yes.'” Acevedo shares.

Nevertheless, his primary approach revolves around organizing his workspace. Acevedo begins by sifting through pending documents in his inbox, proceeding to declutter his folders and rearranging office décor.

“Shredding was therapeutic until my secretary insisted on doing it herself.,” the bankero said.

In managing emails and memos, Acevedo follows the Eisenhower matrix. Urgent tasks such as transaction approvals are promptly addressed, except during meetings. Matters necessitating further consideration are earmarked for a pending file, while he delegates certain tasks to his team and discards the rest.

Engaging in “low-brain” activities serves as a means for Acevedo to unwind. It also helps him remember things he might have forgotten.

“Finally, an uncluttered desk with a cup of sharp pencils is a reminder that I can restart with a clean slate.,” Acevedo said.

“Finally, an uncluttered desk adorned with sharpened pencils serves as a reminder that I can start afresh with a clean slate,” reflects the banking executive.