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June 02, 2023

Eastwest’s Komo offers digital banking

The exclusively digital banking unit of Eastwest offers free and easy banking.

EastWest’s digital banking service, Komo, flexes its wide range of offerings for clients who want to skip physical visits to branches. Komo offers savings on costs as there are no maintaining and minimum account opening fees, as well as VISA debit card that clients can use here in the Philippines and abroad. Fees with Komo are also waived as unlimited withdrawals at EastWest ATMs may be enjoyed and up to 4 free monthly ATM withdrawals for other BancNet ATMs in the country.



Visa expects confidence in online payments to grow in the Philippines

Visa predicts that confidence in digital payments will continue to rise in the Philippines, citing convenience and benefits as key drivers, with 62% of respondents carrying less cash due to the availability of digital options and 30% believing the country will become cashless by 2025, according to the Visa Consumer Payments Attitude Study 2023.

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