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July 14, 2024

EastWest Ageas appoints new CDMO

Insurance industry veteran Greg Martin joined EastWest Ageas as chief distribution and marketing officer, bringing over 28 years of experience in consulting and financial services across the Asia Pacific. His focus on strategic marketing and distribution aligns with the company’s vision for growth and sustainability.

Martin’s appointment symbolizes the integration of teams to ensure a larger and sustainable EastWest Ageas. His leadership in diverse locations and expertise in various distribution channels position the company for continued success.

He believes in people-first approach, recognizing the importance of cultural nuances for business success. Martin also encouraged leaders to think strategically, prioritize customer needs, and actively engage with diverse customer bases.

Inspired by effective leaders, Martin underscored the importance of purposeful growth tied to a clear differentiation. Placing the right people at the forefront and providing the right environment are key to EastWest Ageas’ continued prominence in the market.