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November 28, 2023

Coins.ph chief says Philippines will lead the world in Web3

Bankero Wei Zhou of Coins.ph said that the Philippines will be a good market for crypto sphere.

Wei Zho, head of Coins.ph, took part in the AxieCon 2022 in Barcelona and said that the Philippines will lead the world in Web3 in the near future.

Speaking as a panelist, the Bankero shared his insights into Axie Infinity’s massive victory in the Philippine market.

He underscored that the ability of Filipino fans to create large volumes of Axie content emphasize that the country has an enormous opportunity to be a global frontrunner in Web3.

He further added that the Philippines presents a huge opportunity as a market, and the environment needs to be more convenient for non-coiners, non-NFTers and non-Web3 natives to actually be part of the ecosystem.