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June 23, 2024

Clients hit Metrobank for debits even if non-Metrobank ATMs do not dispense money

Clients on Saturday slammed Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. led by bankero Fabian Dee as funds were debited from deposit accounts in withdrawals from non-Metrobank ATMs.

The complaining clients took to social media to hit the Ty-led bank for failing to inform them that cash withdrawals on non-Metrobank ATMs and other transactions using Metrobank Debit Mastercard are temporarily unavailable.

Anna Laude Tulod commented on the Facebook page of Metrobank that she was not aware that there is an issue about cash withdrawing through ATMs.

“I was debited P10,000 an hour ago. Tried too other banks but my account was on a 0-balance already. Weekend pa man din! Tried to call CS (customer service) and the wait time was terribly spent 300 pesos load for that since we don’t have landline to use. Nakakapikon! I cannot file a dispute. I don’t know what to do. I need to buy milk and diapers for my two kids plus food. I need help on this ASAP,” Tulod said in an unedited plea.

“I tried to withdraw P10,000 but the machine wasn’t able to dispense money. But on my printed receipt you deducted my what supposed to be payment to my bills,” Albert Joseph said in another unedited post.

For his part, Restituto IV Samson said this has happened to him many times.

“But last night is the worst. You kept on sending SMS messages regarding promos and other messages that are not too useful but system failures notices were posted via tweet and FB in which other people like me is not keen on social media platforms,” Samson commented.

Samson pointed out that Metrobank should be sensitive enough to notify system failures via SMS to avoid further inconvenience.

“System failure may happen inconveniently due to matters unforeseen may be acceptable but the way you convey is not. Please try to send the message in other ways the majority will also be notified,” Samson added.

Metrobank announced in its Facebook page that clients could still withdraw via Metrobank ATMs.

“We are working on restoring the service. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding,” the Ty-led bank said.