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May 30, 2024

Chinabank’s UITFs receive ‘Best Managed Fund’ awards for exceptional returns”

Chinabank’s UITFs, the Dollar Fund and Intermediate Fixed-Income Fund, received accolades as the Best Managed Funds in their respective categories at the 2023 Best Managed Funds of the Year Awards by the CFA Society Philippines, marking their outstanding risk-adjusted returns among 86 funds from 16 institutions.

This recognition highlights Chinabank’s consistent success in delivering favorable returns to investors, with the Dollar Fund achieving this distinction for the 7th time, while the Intermediate Fixed-Income Fund secured its second consecutive win.

Chinabank’s Balanced Fund also earned the Best Managed Fund award in the Balanced Fund Peso category in 2018, demonstrating the bank’s commitment to providing value and returns to investors amid the increasing accessibility of investing through technology.