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April 12, 2024

Celebrating a decade: Coins.ph launches USDC rewards initiative

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, local cryptocurrency exchange Coins.ph has launched a program offering 10% rewards on USDC holdings to users throughout February, as part of its HODL and Earn initiative.

Running from February 1 to 29, this initiative enables users maintaining a minimum balance of 20 USDC in their wallets for a week to accrue rewards, which are then directly deposited into their Coins.ph wallets. Reward calculations are performed weekly, based on the minimum balance held from Monday through Sunday.

Coins.ph revealed plans for global expansion, targeting markets across five continents, including Europe and Latin America. This follows successful license acquisitions in Asia, Africa, and Australia, with the objective of facilitating international money transfers via cryptocurrency.

CEO Wei Zhou also announced the integration of the Solana blockchain into the Coins.ph platform, signaling a deeper commitment to the Solana ecosystem beyond token listings.