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May 27, 2024

BPI wins accolade for ‘Most Selected Main Bank’ in the Philippines

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has secured the prestigious title of “Most Selected Main Bank in the Philippines” at The Asian Banker Excellence in Retail Financial Services and Technology Innovation Philippines Awards 2023.

This recognition is based on the results of the Annual BankQuality Consumer Survey conducted by The Asian Banker, which collected feedback from over 1,000 online consumers in the Philippines between January and February 2023. The survey revealed that 20% of the bankable population in the Philippines has chosen BPI as their primary retail bank, citing the bank’s diverse product range and convenient services as compelling reasons for their preference.

Bankero Maria Cristina L. Go, BPI’s Head of Consumer Banking, expressed her gratitude for the award, acknowledging that customers have a multitude of choices in today’s banking landscape. She emphasized BPI’s commitment to customer-centricity, emphasizing that their digitalization journey is guided by putting customers at the forefront of their efforts. By tailoring product solutions to customers’ needs and providing a seamless omni-channel “phygital” experience, BPI aims to empower its customers toward financial success and security.

The Asian Banker Philippines Awards are designed to recognize accomplishments in retail financial services and technology innovation within financial institutions, both banks and non-banks, operating in the Philippines. In addition to an evaluation process that involves an international council of advisors and an audit-based approach, consumer perception surveys, such as The Asian Banker’s BankQuality Consumer Survey, play a pivotal role in determining the award recipients.