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June 19, 2024

BPI Wealth launches 8.8 Investival 2023 to promote sustainable investing

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) marks its 172nd anniversary with the launch of the inaugural 8.8 BPI Investival 2023 by its wealth management arm, BPI Wealth. This campaign aims to encourage a culture of investment and provide individuals with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions for their future security.

The 8.8 BPI Investival will feature a series of hybrid events, client promotions, collaborations with financial literacy content creators, and prizes, all emphasizing the significance of prudent financial choices, particularly in a time of impulsive spending.

Throughout the coming months, a public event will allow participants to explore various investment options, gain insights from renowned financial experts, and engage in interactive sessions to enhance their understanding of investment landscapes.

Highlighted aspects of the 8.8 BPI Investival include expert panels and investment talks led by financial experts and sustainability advocates, personal finance insights, inspirational investor stories, and enticing promotions with prizes such as Apple Airpods and iPads.

Bankero is Maria Theresa Marcial, President and CEO of BPI Wealth, noted, “The 8.8 BPI Investival underscores our dedication to promoting the value of investing as a means to achieve long-term financial security. By providing a platform for education and inspiration, we aim to guide Filipinos toward making informed financial decisions that align with their goals.”

The 8.8 BPI Investival commenced on August 8, 2023, and will continue until December 2023.