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April 12, 2024

BPI puts you in control: New mobile app features boost security

Zobel-led Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is taking a proactive stance against cybercrime with enhanced security features in its mobile banking app.

This upgrade addresses the growing sophistication of online scams and protects users in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment.

“We recognize the urgency of staying ahead of the curve with continuing cybersecurity innovations and education to proactively combat cyberthreats, boost the awareness of Filipinos about these illicit activities, and ensure continuous confidence in digital banking,” Paz said.

The upgraded BPI app introduces three additional security measures that users can conveniently enable. These functionalities incorporate a device binding control, acting as a digital lock, which restricts access solely to authorized mobile numbers and devices. Moreover, the mobile key control utilizes biometric credentials stored on trusted devices to authenticate transactions, offering a more secure option compared to traditional one-time PINs (OTPs).

BPI goes beyond standard security measures by implementing safeguards for network connections. The app detects and blocks proxy connections that could potentially collect sensitive user data.