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June 23, 2024

BDO warns against scammers offering help in opening online banking account

BDO Unibank Inc. led by bankero Nestor Tan cautioned its clients and the banking public in general as online scammers remain on the prowl for potential victims.

“If you didn’t join any contest, you didn’t win anything. Don’t fall for offers that are too good to be true because they most probably are not true,” BDO said.

Scammers are calling accountholders informing them about a prize they allegedly won and encouraging them to open an Online Banking account to redeem it.

These scammers will be offering their help and asking the victim to activate it using a code they will be providing.

However, BDO bared that this supposed offer to “help” or “assist” accountholders in opening an online banking account is just a modus by scammers to get direct access to their would-be victims’ bank account.

The country’s largest lender warns clients that if they have an online banking account, scammers may try to take over their account through email or phone scam by offering higher daily transfer limit, stronger account security, or other enticements.

“They will trick you into allowing a third-party account to be enrolled to your Online Banking account through ATM activation,” the listed bank added.

Once this is done, BDO explained that scammers will be able to fully take over the victims’ account and steal their money.

“Don’t instantly fall for promising rewards or other enticements that will lead you to share your account details to others. BDO will never ask you to activate your Online Banking account via ATM to claim rewards or upgrade your account/ATM. Also, do not let others assist you in opening an online banking account or activate it via ATM,” BDO said

According to BDO, ATM activation is required only when account holders initiate the Online Banking or third-party account enrollment themselves.

BDO encourages clients to report suspicious incidents to ReportPhish@bdo.com.ph or get in touch with its representatives by logging in Messenger and looking for BDO Customer Care with the blue verified checkmark from Facebook. Clients may also call its hotline at 8631-8000 or email at BDO at customercare@bdo.com.ph. #BDOAntiScam