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April 12, 2024

BDO Pay: The flexible e-wallet revolutionizing payments in the Philippines

Forget the hassle of multiple apps and accounts!

BDO Unibank’s innovative e-wallet app is designed to give you the ultimate control and flexibility over your money.

BDO Pay seamlessly links to your existing BDO Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or Deposit Accounts, allowing you to choose the perfect payment method for every transaction.

Here’s why BDO Pay is a game-changer:

Unmatched Flexibility: Pay with your Debit Card for daily expenses, or use your Credit Card for bigger purchases – the choice is yours!
Seamless Integration: No need to load a separate wallet! BDO Pay connects directly to your BDO accounts, saving you time and effort.
Total Control: Keep specific accounts untouched while using designated cards or accounts for transactions.
Informed Decisions: Make smart choices with every scan! BDO Pay empowers you to select your preferred payment source every time.
BDO Pay is more than just convenience. It’s a comprehensive financial solution from a trusted name.

With over 1,600 branches and 4,700 ATMs nationwide, BDO is committed to serving your needs.

Download BDO Pay today and experience the future of flexible, personalized payments!