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April 19, 2024

BDO is now the largest remittance partner of WorldRemit in the Philippines

BDO Unibank Inc. led by bankero Nestor Tan is now the largest partner of leading global digital money transfer service platform WorldRemit in the Philippines.

WorldRemit country director of the Philippines Earl Melivo said the company’s partnership with the Sy-led bank continued to strengthen in almost a decade.

“We’ve been privileged to partner with BDO for many years. Together, we have built a trusted pathway for OFWs to send money home to friends, family and loved ones,” Melivo said

BDO Kabayan Savings is the flagship financial solution that BDO Remit offers to overseas Filipinos and beneficiaries to help build a secure future.

By having a BDO Kabayan Savings account, OFWs and their families can start building credit history with BDO, making it easier for them to apply for a car, home, or business loan in the Philippines.

Both BDO and WorldRemit are committed to relentlessly supporting the overseas Filipino workers by providing them with the best services they can offer.

They partnered with rice retailer and franchisor Grainsmart for the “Remit to Win” promote to give away P250,000 worth of pangkabuhayan packages to two qualified BDO Kabayan Savings account holders each.

“The Pangkabuhayan package will provide many of these families the financial education they need to build long-lasting business skills for generations to come,” Melivo said.

BDO Remit head Genie Gloria said the initiative will certainly change the lives of winners who went through tough times at the height of the global pandemic.

“Our OFWs and their families deserve to have a better life with all the sacrifices that they have made. It’s hard to be away from your loved ones, and the pandemic has made the situation even tougher for them. My appreciation to WorldRemit for their readiness to help,” Gloria said.

Edith Gueco, one of the 2022 Remit to Win winners is a native of Pampanga and is currently working overseas in Kuwait.

“This win is definitely a big help to my family back home. This offers us a fresh start and would allow us to gradually recover from the pandemic. I’m really thankful to my niece Rosalyn for the fund she sent to my BDO Kabayan Savings through WorldRemit,” Gueco said.