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June 19, 2024

BDO e-wallet app offers freedom of choice

BDO Unibank Inc., the Philippines’ largest bank, offers customers freedom of choice through its e-wallet app, BDO Pay.

Unlike other e-wallet apps that require separate loading and maintenance, BDO Pay stands out by allowing users to link one, a couple, or all of their BDO Debit Cards, Credit cards, or Deposit Accounts to the app, according to their preferences.

With BDO Pay, users have the flexibility to choose which accounts or cards they want to link, skipping those they don’t. individuals may opt to link only their debit and credit cards while keeping their savings account for specific purposes untouched. The app caters to various preferences, offering both flexibility and security.

When using the Scan to Pay feature, users can select their preferred source account or card for each transaction. This versatility enables users to manage their expenses effectively, such as charging daily purchases to a debit card while reserving credit card payments for larger expenses to be settled later.

These choices can significantly impact the smoothness of transactions, influencing overall experiences and even affecting moods, interactions, productivity, and disposition. Having options empowers users to tailor their financial decisions to their preferences and circumstances.