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April 12, 2024

BDO Capital: Leading the way in RTB accessibility and success since 2001

BDO Capital, a subsidiary of the Sy family’s banking powerhouse BDO Unibank, has been instrumental in facilitating the successful sale of retail treasury bonds (RTBs) since its inception in 2001.

BDO, serving as a joint issue manager, made the 30th tranche of RTBs accessible to investors through convenient over-the-counter placements in its branches. This

This initiative resulted in the successful raising of P584.9 billion by RTB 30, earmarked to support crucial government projects in agriculture, infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

According to BDO, RTB 30 presents a prime opportunity for small investors to incrementally grow their wealth through an affordable, secure, and accessible investment avenue, thereby contributing to the nation’s development by bolstering funding for critical government projects.

BDO Capital president Eduardo Francisco affirmed the company’s commitment to aiding government and corporations in capital-raising endeavors. “For over two decades, we have steadfastly supported our corporate clients in issuing bonds and raising funds through the lending market, while also democratizing investing, particularly for first-time investors,” Francisco said.

“The benefits of the RTB extend beyond investors; it stands to benefit every Filipino as the bond proceeds contribute to funding essential national projects,” he added.