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July 19, 2024

BayaniPay aims for tenfold growth with fresh $3 million funding

BayaniPay, a global automation company specializing in payments processing, has secured an additional $3 million in funding to accelerate its international expansion plans.

The new funding aims to bolster BayaniPay’s global payment capabilities and support a projected tenfold growth surge in 2024.

BayaniPay plans to leverage the funds to expand its services globally, with a target of processing $200 million in payments by yearend.

‚ÄúThis expansion represents a significant milestone in our commitment to offer convenient, secure, and cost-effective global payment services to Philippine institutions, enabling them to expand their international footprint and enhance customer payment experiences,” said Winston Damarillo, CEO of BayaniPay.

In the coming month, BayaniPay will unveil Bayani GlobalPay, an integrated banking service tailored for businesses and major billing entities to efficiently reach their global customer base.

The company is set to launch Bayani GlobalPay in the coming month, an integrated banking service designed to streamline global customer reach for businesses and billing entities.

Bayani GlobalPay will offer two embedded banking solutions: GlobalPay, a white-label service for non-financial institutions, and GlobalPay Express, an all-in-one payment portal.