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June 23, 2024

Back-to-back! MaxiLife retains Great Place to Work certification

MaxiLife, a new player in the group life insurance sector, has secured recertification as a Great Place to Work® company in the Philippines for the second consecutive year.

This milestone highlights the company’s steadfast dedication to nurturing an outstanding corporate culture and prioritizing employee satisfaction.

Maffy Batungbacal, MaxiLife’s Chief People Officer of MaxiLife, said this recurring Great Place to Work® certification reaffirms MaxiLife’s commitment to fostering a workplace environment that values, empowers, and motivates its employees to excel.

Great Place to Work® is a globally renowned organization that conducts millions of scientifically developed employee surveys worldwide, leveraging the data to gain valuable insights into factors that contribute to employee productivity, happiness, and fulfillment.

For MaxiLife, securing Great Place to Work® certification makes them a more attractive employer for potential hires seeking a supportive and enriching work environment.