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November 28, 2023

AIA Philippines plans launch of income-generating fund next month

AIA Philippines is gearing up to introduce a new income fund next month, named the Global Pandemic Income Fund, which has been successful in AIA Singapore and caters to clients seeking income-generating investment opportunities, according to AIA Philippines’ Chief Executive Officer, Kelvin Ang.

This fund, managed by experts from the Association of Independent Asset Managers Singapore, will provide potential dividend payouts to investors, offering a sustained growth opportunity while earning additional income.

The AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund is tailored for investors aiming to maximize their savings and capital growth with the added benefit of potential income. Importantly, the dividend payouts won’t affect the policy’s account value, providing a versatile investment option in the current market environment.

AIA Group Chief Investment Officer Mark Konyn emphasized the importance of diversification in today’s investment landscape, where traditional options may not suffice due to increased market risk transmission. He believes that this new income fund will provide clients in the Philippines with a broader and more inclusive approach to investment.

CEO Kelvin Ang noted strong demand for insurance in the Philippines, particularly in the health insurance sector, and highlighted AIA Philippines’ ability to offer diverse investment options, both locally and globally, to cater to the growing sophistication of customers.

Konyn also addressed the prevailing investment risks, such as ongoing geopolitical tensions and persistent inflation, underscoring the importance of protecting capital in the short term.

Additionally, AIA recognizes the increasing relevance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles in investment decisions. AIA aims to become a prominent supporter of green opportunities in the market, reflecting a growing global trend toward sustainable investments. As society and consumer behavior evolve, investment opportunities will similarly shift, placing a higher value on sustainability and responsible investment practices.