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March 05, 2024

AIA Philippines drops exciting new fund for boosting your savings game!

AIA Philippines has introduced the AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund.

This new fund is designed to assist Filipinos in maximizing the growth potential of their savings while providing protection.

It offers additional financial benefits through potential quarterly dividends, allowing customers to stay invested.

The dividend pay-out is not treated as a withdrawal from the policy’s account value, providing an extra benefit for customers to enjoy.

Managed by experts from AIAIM Singapore, who have extensive experience handling over US$244 billion across different asset classes, the AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund is ideal for investors seeking to maximize savings growth and potentially receive additional income.

Tennyson Paras, Head of Products at AIA Philippines, emphasizes that the fund opens opportunities for adventurous Filipino investors unafraid to take risks, bringing them closer to achieving their financial goals.

The investment into the fund is available through AIA Philippines’ single-pay product, Peso Money Tree Income-Paying, which provides 125 percent of the face amount for a minimum premium of PHP125,000.

Interested individuals can reach out to an AIA Philippines financial advisor or visit their website for more information on the AIA Global Dynamic Income-Paying Fund.