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June 24, 2024

AIA PH unveils wealth management unit

Insurance company AIA Philippines has launched a trust company that will handle AIA Philippines’ fund management needs on Thursday, Feb.23

AlA Investment Management and Trust Corp. (AIAIM Philippines) will exclusively cater to the insurer’s fund management needs and is designed to bring the global investment expertise of AIA Investment Management to the country.

The company will also be responsible for managing AIA Philippines’ P155 billion investment portfolio.

AIA Philippines CEO, Kelvin Ang, said that AIAIM Philippines is an essential building block that will provide the leverage to capture future opportunities and remain the leading brand that offers long-term savings, protection, and healthcare needs to Filipinos.

Meanwhile, Angie Pacis, AIAIM Philippines CEO, said the company’s investment solutions would ensure that long-term financial goals are met even in volatile markets.

To enable customers to select investment options that suit their needs and risk appetite, AIAIM Philippines recently launched several UITFs such as the AIA Peso Adventurous Fund, AIA Peso Balanced Fund, and AIA Peso Conservative Fund.

These new funds will be available through existing variable unit linked (VUL) products, including AlA Future Scholar, Active Family Provider, AIA Med-Assist, and Active Health Invest Plus.