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June 23, 2024

ADB says big data to generate over US$100 billion in health, jobs, social protection

In its report “Harnessing the Potential of Big Data in Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia”, ADB underscored how big data holds immense potential in fast-tracking post-COVID-19 economic recovery in Southeast Asia, with benefits in public health, social welfare and protection, and education valued at over US$100 billion.

The ADB estimated that remote monitoring systems can bring the following benefits to Southeast Asia by 2030: (i) annual cost savings of US$9.4 billion to the health care system through fewer hospital visits, shorter hospital stays, and medical procedures; (ii) an increase in gross domestic product (GDP) of US$15.5 billion through the use of analytics to direct highly targeted health interventions for at-risk populations; and (iii) a US$77.1 billion annual GDP increase through the use of digital technologies to provide personalized and remote learning and job matching.